Cat Behavior and Problem Solving

Declawing Cats - Please don't; here's why
If you are considering declawing a cat, please know it is like having someone cut off your fingers at the first knuckle. It also can severely alter their personality and cause health problems. Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. Removing claws changes the way a cat's foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. There can also be a regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage, and bone spurs. Read on.

Litter Box Blues?
(ASPCA Info)
Cat not using the litter box? Cats stop using their litter boxes for a number of reasons, including issues with the box or litter, dissatisfaction with the placement or number of boxes, changes in the environment inside or outside the house, and undiagnosed medical conditions. You may have to investigate several possibilities before you understand what your cat is trying to tell you, but most issues are easy to remedy. (See Best Friends additional info here)

Aggression in Cats
- My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy Site and Info
Is your cat aggressive to you, house hold member or another pet? Read more here for information that may help you resolve the problem.

Allergic to Cats?
Here is some helpful information that may help.