Best Friends is an organization dedicated to helping animals in need in Harford County. Based upon the ideals of the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, we seek to network and unite and assist the animal rescue groups in Harford County to best help find forever homes for our animals as well as provide safe havens and foster homes, lessen the need for euthanizing unwanted or stray animals. Right now we specialize in controlling community cat populations through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). We seek to educate the public in the importance of spaying or neutering your pet, as well as the controlling the communal cat populations in our county.

We seek to form professional relations with vetrinarians and clinics, and to help facilitate the best health conditions for our local animals. Additionally, we hope to provide resources and ally with other animal rescue operations in Harford County so that we may save as many animal lives as possible.

Other operations may include helping other organizations through shared advertisement/facebook listings to home animals, assisting in both canine and feline animal rescue operations, best health practices and to generally provide and make available animal welfare education and information.

We are currently seeking people who are interested in taking part in our TNR operations and will be providing proper training to them. Community Cat population is a huge problem in Harford County that we hope to bring under control.